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Insurance and IT Consulting Jobs

CTS-Consulting is always looking for talented Insurance IT Professionals. We also have experienced consultants ready and available for both short and long term engagements. New consulting opportunities continually develop that cover a wide range of skills. Please feel free to
visit this page often.

CTS-Consulting has a continuing need for contractors with experience on legacy life insurance policy administrative systems. If you are a programmer/analyst, business analyst or quality assurance specialist
with experience on any of the following systems we would like to hear from you:

LifeComm | LifePro

Please let us know your area of interest and expertise. Feel free to send us your resume and availability information as well. CTS pays very competitive rates and all travel expenses are reimbursed.

Current Openings

Experienced Consultants Currently Available For Short & Long Term Engagements

Management Consultants – Life, Health, Property & Casualty Insurance
20+ years’ experience
Business Planning, Process Improvement, System Architecture New Business, Policy Administration,
Agency, Claims
Familiar with most insurance systems
RFP/RFI, Outsourcing, Offshoring Expertise

Project and Program Managers - Life, Health, Property & Casualty Insurance
20+ years’ experience
New Business, Policy Administration, Agency and Claims Projects and Implementations
Small and large team engagements
Enterprise and department initiatives

System Consultants - Life, Health, Property & Casualty Insurance
20+ years’ experience
Most life insurance systems (e.g. Vantage, Cyberlife, Life/70,  LifeComm, LifePro, etc.)


Please submit your application / inquiry via email to
Charles Schaefer: (pref:).

Resumes are accepted as plain text (.txt) format, Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF platforms.

Kindly include the job reference code in all correspondences.

Questions? Please feel free to call 570-448-2391 (office), 267-210-8451 (mobile), or contact us here.


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Excellence in Our Profession
CTS-Consulting provides Management Consulting services allowing clients to enhance their overall performance through analysis of existing business and IT processes for improvement. We primarily advise insurance companies on issues of Information Technology Planning, Business Process Improvement, Outsourcing, Off Shoring, and general strategy, organization, technology, & operations development.

A Supporting Role
CTS-Consulting offers high value, professional developmental and integration services to our clients. Experienced consultants have worked in most areas of an insurance company  operations and technology. We understand your needs. Our proven record of working together with clients can improve your business performance.

Client Participation
CTS experienced consultants have done work for companies of all sizes in the insurance industry. We have developed templates to quickly and efficiently facilitate the planning process. CTS information driven planning framework allows companies to actively participate in the process, so that the end result is a company’s decision not the consultant’s recommendation.

Sustain the competitive financial services marketplace by providing planning services and solutions to industry stakeholders.

Commitment to Privacy
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