Business & IT Services

We help companies implement various programs for process and technology improvement


 Business & IT Services

Information Planning, Insurance Management Consulting

CTS Provides a broad range of business and IT services, from overall business
planning to legacy system support.

Business Information Planning
Business Plan development
Alignment of the business and IT processes to the Business Direction
Unit Cost Analysis Peer group benchmarking & Best Practice analysis
Identify opportunities to formulate initiatives
Align process and IT initiatives to the Business Direction
Templates to enhance quality and speed of plan development
Business Area Architecture System Architecture

Strategic Sourcing / Outsourcing Advisory
Alignment of business and IT processes to the business direction
Classify business processes as strategic, tactical, operational
Stratify IT services as strategic, tactical, operational
Develop cost models for business and IT processes
Compare process costs to peers, best practices, third party providers
Determine sourcing approaches
Off-shoring RFP / RFI support
Vendor selection, transition and vendor management services

Analysis & Design

Mergers and Acquisitions

Revenue Enhancements
Distribution Rationalization Product Rationalization
Savings Operations Consolidation
Reengineering Operational Synergy & Improvement
Technology Enablement
Staffing models
IT Consolidations Sourcing Conversions

Project and Program Management
Business Projects Technology Projects

Business Process Improvement

Product time to Market Straight through Processing
Policy Administration Customer Service
Distribution Management

Business and Technology Consulting
Legacy System Support Software Implementation Conversions


How We Help

CTS-Consulting provides consulting and technology services backed by years of experience in software integration; supported by the latest technologies from Microsoft and delivered by Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists.

CTS helps companies implement the various programs for process and Information Technology improvement.

We have developed templates to quickly and efficiently facilitate the planning process.

CTS works closely with its clients to identify process and information technology opportunities. We provide the delivery capability by ensuring that the proper resources and software solutions are
provided to meet project requirements
within budgetary guidelines.




A Proven Role

We understand your needs. Our proven record of working together with clients can improve your business performance. CTS's experienced consultants have worked
in most areas of an insurance company operations and technology.

Whether a company is converting to leading edge hardware or software system, or requires new technology enhancements
to a legacy system.

CTS consultants deliver improvements in processes, as well as the knowledge in IT strategy, IT design and architecture, project management and IT operations.

CTS has an extensive track record of
success in providing solutions that provide tangible results.


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