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Insurance Management and IT Consultants

CTS-Consulting provides Management Consulting services allowing clients to enhance their overall performance through analysis of existing business and IT processes for improvement. Our expertise is within the Life, Property, and Casualty industries. We primarily advise insurance companies on issues of Information Technology Planning, Business Process Improvement, Outsourcing, Off Shoring, and general strategy, organization, technology, and operations development.

Improve Your Business
Our staff of highly trained and experienced professionals can assist in these areas :

Product Development – Optimize process & systems to reduce the time to market.
Distribution – Improve distributor service and information.
New Business | Underwriting – Reduce cost and time to issue a contract.
Policy Administration | Claims – Efficiency and Effectiveness.
IT Architecture – Alignment and Optimization of IT Investment – Technical Infrastructure.
Application, Information, Outsourcing, Off Shoring.

Our Mission
Sustain the competitive financial services marketplace by providing planning services and solutions to industry stakeholders. CTS-Consulting works closely with its clients to identify process and information technology opportunities and provides the delivery capability by ensuring that the proper resources and software solutions are provided to meet project requirements within budgetary guidelines.

What We Do
CTS-Consulting integrates its expertise with the Client to develop solutions that streamlines operations, create improved levels of customer service, and accelerates growth through a flexible and collaborative approach. CTS-Consulting provides consulting and technology services backed by years of experience.

Value Added Role
Outside company / industry perspective
Planning framework
Prior engagements
Direction & Vision - Assessment
Unit cost studies to benchmark performance
Existing templates and experience to manage and lead engagements

Supporting Role
CTS-Consulting offers high value, professional developmental and integration services to our clients. Experienced consultants have worked in most areas of an insurance company – operations and technology. We understand your needs. Our proven record of working together with clients can improve your business performance. From rate specific consulting to turn key projects, we can work together to improve your business performance.

A Consultative Approach
CTS uses proprietary planning frameworks developed with the client in a collaborative effort team and CTS skilled IT and insurance management consultants. Planning goals addressing business and information management are developed to define and identify strategies. An assessment of Information technology is made to improve support for the direction and architecture and is developed.

Our Lead

CTS consulting team have an average of 25 years of experience serving the insurance industry.
Whether a company is converting  to leading edge hardware or software system, or requires new
technology enhancements to a legacy system, CTS has an extensive track record of success in
providing solutions that  provide tangible results.

We Provide
Requirements for systems and services
Initial Provider identification
Request for information and proposal
Provider and solution evaluation
Due diligence
Contract negotiation
Transition and migration planning
Governance design

Client Participation
CTS experienced consultants have done work for companies of all sizes in the insurance industry. We have developed templates to quickly and efficiently facilitate the planning process. CTS information driven planning framework allows companies to actively participate in the process, so that the end result is a company’s decision not the consultant’s recommendation.

Outsourcing and Off-shoring Advisory
CTS provides outsourcing and off-shoring advice wherever the client is in the process. CTS through its management consulting framework facilitates through a collaborative approach with the client, strategic, tactical and operational planning for outsourcing and off-shoring developing a business case analysis.
CTS provides unit cost benchmarks, service levels and best practice analysis.

Commitment to Privacy
CTS-Consulting has created a privacy statement in order to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy. You can find how we disclose information gathering and dissemination practices here.

How Can CTS-Consulting Help?
CTS-Consulting specializes in improving performance through analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. We redefine integration across functional areas, eliminating wasted effort and errors while improving efficiency and effectiveness. We enable you to easily add flexibility to the ways your existing departments work together.


CTS-Consulting News

Immediate Release:
Insurance IT Management
CTS-Consulting Comprehensive Call Center- Customer Optimization Program

Blue Bell, PA, CTS-Consulting is pleased to announce its team of experienced professionals is ready and equipped to transform your insurance call center from a Cost Center to a Revenue Center. Enhance your call center – deliver superior service, optimize valued relationships AND generate revenue.
Brochure (.pdf)

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MSO Partners with CTS-Consulting

Glen Rock, NJ, MSO®, Inc. (The Mutual Service Office, Inc.) is happy to announce its affiliation with CTS-Consulting, a management consulting firm based in Blue Bell, PA.  According to CTS owner Charlie Schaefer
"CTS-Consulting is delighted to work with the excellent team at MSO, Inc., and to now offer management consulting services to MSO’s member companies.”  

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